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Passion, Compassion and Determination. That is what drives us at NOWSPAR, in our quest to ensure girls and women in Zambia have their rights to and through sport fulfilled. As our theme states ‘Every Body Matters’ we believe everyone with a body has a right to sport no matter their sex or social economic status or geographic location. Secondly, we believe that sport should be available and accommodating to all forms of bodies, young, elderly or with disabilities.

I thank our generous partners, my board, staff and volunteers that continually go beyond the call of duty to move NOWSPAR to greater heights.

Keep moving, and remember your body matters!

Matilda Mwaba (Director – NOWSPAR)

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Anita White Foundation



Kicking Aids Out

The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic
Committee and Confederation of Sports

National Sports Council of Zambia

Sport for Social Change Network

White Ribbon

Women Win

Zambian Governance Foundation